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Would you like to make a speedier recovery from injury?
Resolve my Pain

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Would you like to improve your mobility and decrease everyday aches and pains?
Improve My Lifestyle

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Would you like to improve exercise and sporting performance?
Improve my Performance

Enabling body confidence in the way you look, feel and move!

Quicker Recovery

Quicker recovery from treatment to day to day living and exercise

Age Related Treatments

Treat movement compensations that play a part of the aging process

Sports injury

Aid Recovery

Aid recovery between games and training sessions

Pain Relief

Improved Mobility & Pain Relief

Addressing underlying causes rather than just the symptom

Less Muscle Tightness

Decrease feelings of muscle tightness

joint stability

Joint Stability

Create joint stability for more range of motion and strength

About Owen Hedicker

Owen has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. In this time, he has developed a passion for understanding how the brain and nervous system can offer a unique insight; into how to resolve peoples health issues, make everyday life easier, and perform to a higher standard.

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